Every now and then I have an idea that I stir over and over without it coming together as a spectacular tasting word cake.  For two years, I worked out my thoughts for my recent post on Yule/Christmas.  Start.  Stop.  Erase.  Over and over.  Then it appeared and I chiseled it into something worth publishing.… Read More

ments Christmas Eve 2010. These two have no clue they’re pregnant. Sometimes, when people inquire about our desire to add to our family, the questions can be presented in an intrusive way.  “When are you having another one?” makes me want to print out loge seat tickets to our bedroom.  Hey, why don’t you come… Read More

At eighteen months old, a child’s palate should be sufficiently developed to tolerate fast food. As with breastfeeding, sleeping style, education, and play, responsible parents will spend ample time to make sure the fast food choice for their child is appropriate for the specific child. If you’re like us and have only one child, this… Read More

The Inadequacy Industry – my term for the collusion between media, government, and corporations to trick us out of our common sense on anything from how we grow food to material desires to how different we’re allowed to be before being ridiculed – creates controversy to divide its audiences, customers, and constituencies.  If we turn… Read More

We move at a quicker pace more than any point in history.  In the rush, rush, rush of whatever it is we’re doing, we blow through meals, shirk our sleep, refuse to take time off, and make new to-do lists the moment we complete one. We dismiss leisure as a sign of weakness or laziness. … Read More

How do you sit? Are you hunched? Do you feel a twinge in your neck or do your legs go numb? How do you stand when you wash the dishes? Does your lower back feel strained? Do you feel pretty good? When you go for a run, do your legs ache? Are you tight? Or… Read More

Breastfeeding is an important part of child development and mother-baby bonding. The baby’s cry promotes milk letdown. When my own daughter was born, she was placed on my wife’s belly, blindly working her way up to my wife’s breast. In that moment, the intimate connection solidified. Breast milk is a child’s best immune system builder,… Read More

May is “Body Month” on this website, with topics devoted to our cultural relationship with the human body, body image, and how we live within our skin.  Stay tuned for articles about breastfeeding rights, the way a baby learns to inhabit her skin, and the myth of moderation.  As with each year, in honor of… Read More

I’ve begun writing this on a sunny Sunday afternoon with a light breeze whipping warm air through the apartment.  Sara, Kalia, and I have already taken a walk around the downtown area near the farmers market.  Since our fridge is pretty full, we picked up properly-raised bacon and onion scallions.  The day has been easy,… Read More

Let’s connect the dots to see how human health takes a back seat to corporate messaging. The Expert Conundrum: Fox in the Hen House Aghast, I watched the following power point by a person in the health and nutrition profession.  She offered Big Agriculture a hit list of folks from the holistic food movement, so… Read More